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The First SSI Instructor Training Center in Vietnam
Angel Dive Vietnam
Due to the lack of tourist in Nha Trang the office is closed but we still operate and schedule our trip via messages or phone call.


Welcome to Angel Dive Website

Dive Trip
 Angel dive is a scuba dive school with highly experienced team certified with the SSI, PADI, SDI and TDI scuba diving association.
Angel Dive opened in 2006 and is lead by an Instructor certifier (the Highest level in recreational scuba diving association).
We offer dive trips in the Marine Park of Nha Trang (Known as the best dive spot in Vietnam) every day with either 2 or 3 dives.

Our Dive Trip

We always offer diving and snorkeling trip with small group to ensure you pleasure on sites.

All dive trips are offered in the Marine Park of Hon Mun (the most famous place to dive in Vietnam), ‘The Black Island’.It is the last island of the Nha Trang Bay.You will Enjoy the Journey as you will be able to cross the full bay of Nha Trang.


By always dealing with small group, we will ensure your personal needs, desires and of course ensure also your safety and fun.

The day trip begins at 7:30am and lasts until approximately 2:00pm. After a 45 minute ride we arrive at Hon Mun. You can choose two dive sites around the island, depending on your level of diving experience.
To ensure you have a safe and relaxing dive we allow a maximum of four (4) divers per scuba guide.


On board, we offer refreshment with water, tea, coffee, filled baguette and tropical fruits served between the two dive sites. We like to spend at least one hour on board to rest while moving to the next dive site, not only to enjoy the beauty of the island but also for your safety and the desaturation of gases from your body.

We then return to Nha Trang, we finish our journey with lunch in the restaurant: Thanh Thanh Cafe, located in the tourist area of Nha Trang.


Angel Dive offers this 2 dive trip everyday and one 3 dive trip a week. Contact us to get more information about our 3 dive trip.

dive team

Manage by an Instructor Certifier ( the highest instructor level in recreational diving ),Angel Dive ensure a Highly trained professional dive team.

The Dive Team

The Angel Dive Centre Team is composed of a group of international divers certified by many associations , who will supervise and teach scuba diving in several languages.

The team of Angel Dive is manage around highly experienced instructors certified with many different associations.  The level of the dive Team is at the minimum of Assistant Instructor, then come Open Water Instructor, Advanced Open Water Instructor, Instructor Trainer and Instructor Certifier.

We also complete the team by Scuba diving Interns. While learning to become professional divers they also provide a really good help on the organistion and the logistic of the dive trips.

Our Diver Manager

Frederic is a professional diver since 1998. After an internship in 1997 in Philippines, he as been traveling and working in many places in the world.
He opened Angel dive in 2006 with Phuong and been managing it since.
During his carrier he works with the SSI, PADI, SDI and TDI association. Eventually he became an instructor trainer and then an Instructor Certifier for the SSI association.



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10 Nguyen Thien Thuat Street
Nha Trang, Vietnam


09 83 340 322 French, English

09 18 236 279 Vietnamese, English

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