Beginner's Levels

Try Scuba Diving

The Try scuba diving is specialy made for first time. Follow your instructor to discover the beauty of our local coral reef.

You need only an half day to complete 2 dives. the first dive is a little training in really shallow water to learn the basic skills of safety for scuba diving. the second dive is a simple tour to admire the underwater world.

After this first try you can upgrate to the Scuba Diver (1 more day) or Open Water course (2 more days) if you like to become a certified diver.

The Scuba Diver course is a 2 days course including 4 training dives in the marine park of Nha Trang to get the first international scuba license.
After accomplishing this course you will have an international license up to 12m depth and will still need to dive with a professional diver. 

After finishing this course you can also upgrade to the Open Water Course and get an independant international certification up to 18m depth by doing one more day with one of our instructor.

Scuba Diver
Open Water

The Open Water Course is a 3 days course including 6 training dives in the marine park of Nha Trang to get the most famous license in the world.
After accomplishing this course you will have an independent international license up to 18m depth. The is the first level for the SSI association.

After getting your the Open Water license you can enroll in specialty courses to increase your knowledge and skills of scuba diving. You can also do the Advanced Adventurer course to discover 5 different specialty dives.

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Continuing Education

Advanced Adventurer

The Advanced Adventurer is made to discover 5 different adventure dives by tring different ways of diving.

You can choose from: drift, nitrox, deep, navigation, computer, marine ecology, photo, video, buoyancy...  


After this course you will be able to dive at 30m maximum. All dives made during the advanced adventurer course can be credited for the following specialty course.

Angel dive offers different Specialty Courses to learn more about diving.

Drift, nitrox, navigation, photo, video, marine ecology, computer, buoyancy specialty courses are made in 1 day and 2 dives in the marine park.

The deep dive specialty will be made in 2 days including 4 training dives in the marine park. After this course you will be able to dive at 40m depth.

you will need 2 specialty courses to get to Specialty Diver (level 2), 4 specialty courses for the Advanced Open Water (level 3) and 5 specialty courses including the Stress and Rescue License to get to Master diver ( level 4)

Nitrox Course
Deep Diving
Rescue Course

The Stress and Rescue Course is one of the most interested specialty course in the scuba diving education.

In 3 days and 6 training dives you will learn to take care of the others and be able to deal with hazardous situation underwater.

After this course you will become a way better diver and also become a more responsible diver. This course is a must for divers like to become professional in the future.